Dec. and January  Entertainment Line - Up 


Steve Angel  Dec. 14 at 8:00

plays rock & roll,  pop, oldies, great variety

 Steve Angel Band


    Dec. 31st 

New Year's Party (ticket holders only)

doors open at 6:00, dance at 8:00, dinner 9:30 



 The Pepper Shakers, Jan. 11 at 8:00 



IN2U, Jan. 18 at 8:00 

Lionel Bernard - December 24 at 7:00


 The Sound Minds Band Feb. 1,  8:00


Headin Home - every 3rd Friday of the month at 7:00 

 Holiday Hours

Closed Dec. 24 at 6:00, then Legion reopens
January 2nd - regular hours

  Entertainment Calendar 

    General Meeting January 13 at 7:30 

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2020 membership renewal now in effect and
can be paid anytime  at the bar.

2020 renewal  is now $48.00

Early Bird Membership Count as of Dec. 2, 2019
Life                   10
Ordinary        49
Associate         116
Affiliate             71
NVA                      01

Total               246  =    70.98%

Last year membership count 348

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 Serving and retired members of the CAF and RCMP new to the Legion are eligible for a free one-year membership to help them get to know our organization. Membership registration is completed through Dominion Command, and members can transfer to a local Branch afterwards.
The Legion is running a $5,000 VIA Rail member sweepstake to encourage members to add an email address to their member profile. Members can add their email at to enter. The sweepstakes will be promoted in the July/August issue of Legion Magazine.
Members with an email on file have access to benefits including automatic entry in national member contests, the bi-monthly member newsletter, notices of member opportunities, and more.
You can help promote the sweepstakes by printing and posting the attached poster at your Branch. Branches with member emails also can submit a list of emails to Member Services using the attached Excel file template to update the member database.
f you have trouble logging in, contact Member Services:
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Legion Member Matt Campbell  


The Hamilton Spectator, 

Hamilton welder Matt Campbell will carry Canada’s colours at the 2.5-million-pound ($4.35 million) tournament, which runs Friday through Jan. 1 with 500,000 pounds ($869,360) going to the winner. – 

For Legion Sports Information

contact our Sports Officer: Barry Peer:

Dart Boards are available for playing anytime
there isn't a league playing!  
We also have a new snooker table -
Come out and  shoot some pool!



The 999th  Legion Riders Toy Drive is now

The 999th Legion Riders do great work in this area in support of child rights. They also  do much work helping children deal with bullying. 

Please drop off a new toy or a gift card

Make a happy Christmas for someone!


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 Holiday Hours

Closed Dec. 24 at 6:00, then Legion reopens

January 2nd - regular hours

Open Dec. 31 at 6:00 for ticket holders for the New Year's Eve dinner and dance. 


Remberbrance Day Service Nov. 11. 


 video courtesy of Pat McCarthy


The Waterdown Museum of History is opening its doors for another year Nov. 11 with a slate of new featured exhibits — including one highlighting the 30th anniversary of the end of the Cold War. The museum, which is curated by students in the school’s Grade 11 genocide and crimes against humanity class, will also include new virtual reality googles — direct from the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam.

 Flamborough Archives and Heritage Society  now located in Waterdown!

Come in and visit this marvelous museum!

   Book of Remembrance 

 We now have a Book or Remembrance on display inour lobby.  Also, please see the photo of our Veteran’s Board.  Each week, I will feature a member of our community who made the supreme sacrifice in the service of our country.  We had one causality from the Boer War and a number from WW I and WWII.  We are very grateful to the Flamborough Archives for sharing this information with us.  Over the years, a very dedicated group of volunteers from Archives have been researching and putting together the story of these local heroes.  The book is a work in progress and I have put my contact information near the book in case someone has additional material to add to our files.  Presently, we have the Boer War and WW 1 covered.  Shortly, we will be adding the information about our WW II casualties.
Our Veterans Service Board
courtesy of Bob Thomas, Service Office, 3rd Vice

 Pictures on Vimy Ridge Oak & RED Friday 

photo courtesy of  Patrick McCarthy

Councillor Judi Partridge December E newslsetter 


I was I was talking to several people around town today that where watching the parade,,,, word came along the parade route that the "Tanks are coming" . Everyone was waiting in anticipation. They are not tanks, but CDN Forces - APC - M113 (Armoured Personnel Carriers)  Thats OK, they won't know the difference.   Even in the video you can hear them saying,,,,,,,, tanks, tanks,  the tanks are coming.
People where giving the thumbs up, pumping their fists in pleasure and the kids had a smile from ear to ear.
This was something that was totally different and people could not believe their eyes.  At the end of the parade, we let anyone take a seat inside that wanted too. The best part is when they learned that CDN Forces soldiers sat in
these seats during Afghanistan conflict.
Alan Bot and his APC's surely put the Waterdown Legion on the map!  I don't think anyone will ever forget seeing the Santa Parade  of 2019!!!!!
Thank you Sheila, thank you Drew,
Bob Thomas and everyone for making this happen.

Garth Wetherall 

In the Santa Claus Parade 




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