February  Entertainment 

Sound Minds


Sound Minds February 23 at 8:00

  and March 16 - St. Patricks  Day

Join us for The Sound Minds Band.
They're a classic rock,dance and party band. 
Modern and upbeat and classic oldies- guaranteed to
to keep you on the dance floor all night long!
No Cover charge and everyone is welcome! 

March Entertainment


The Pepper Shakers - March 2nd  at 8:00


General Meeting March 11 at 7:30.

You need your membership card or receipt to attend! 

Your membership should have been renewed by now ! if you didn't you are now in good standing!!! 

Renewal is $48 and can be paid on line with

Visa or Mastercard

Want to be a Legion Member???

You pay only  $51.00  which includes key card.

Just fill out your Application form  and bring it 

to the legion and pay $51 to bar stewart.

    It's so EASY or you can go onlineand register

at  www.legion.ca        

Membership Count as  of January 31,  2019

   Life                                09 

   Ordinary                 60

  Associate                   146

  Affiliate                       94

     Total                        309


Previous Year total:  342  

If you have already paid your renewal sticker is at the bar.  

Book of Remembrance 


We now have a Book or Remembrance on display inour lobby.  Also, please see the photo of our Veteran’s Board.  Each week, I will feature a member of our community who made the supreme sacrifice in the service of our country.  We had one causality from the Boer War and a number from WW I and WWII.  We are very grateful to the Flamborough Archives for sharing this information with us.  Over the years, a very dedicated group of volunteers from Archives have been researching and putting together the story of these local heroes.  The book is a work in progress and I have put my contact information near the book in case someone has additional material to add to our files.  Presently, we have the Boer War and WW 1 covered.  Shortly, we will be adding the information about our WW II casualties.

Bob Thomas, Service Officer 



Flamborough Heritage Socieity January Newsletter 

Flamborough Archives and Heritage Society  

now located in Waterdown! 

Just an FYI – in case you are interested in getting behind `your’ nominee!    (It has already been sent to regional heritage orgs, including Flamborough Archives)

It is time for the Famous Hamiltonian 2019, `Battle Of The Bricks’ edition!   Vote Early, Vote Often:  At Heritage Day each year (February, 23, 2019) a `Famous Hamiltonian of the Year’ is announced, as voted by the public.  For a decade we’ve been nominating and naming famous people.  This year we’re going with something a bit different, nominating the `personalities’ of 7 iconic buildings, pitting their `civic presence’ against each other in a friendly `Battle of the Bricks’.  

 Heritage staff selected one property from each part of the city, Hamilton `proper’ being divided into Lower City & Mountain.  The only strict criterion was that they could not currently be private homes.  Beyond that, they were selected based on: regional diversity; public visibility; their stories; and (obviously) a dash of old fashioned random bias.  Obviously a host of buildings could be chosen.  But they’re all great, and this is all in good fun.   So if you think we got it wrong, and another building should oh-so-obviously have been listed for a particular area (you’ll notice Dundurn Castle is not there) let us have it in a comment!  This is just a nice way to discuss which buildings and stories mean the most to your community.  




       …(Voting closes February ...22)

And check out the new interactive mapping page to exploreheritage properties throughout Hamilton:  https://www.hamilton.ca/city-planning/heritage-properties/heritage-resources

Christopher Redford, Heritage Presentation CoordinatorTourism & Culture Division, City of Hamilton P.O. Box 2040 Hamilton, ON, L8P 4Y5 Christopher.Redford@hamilton.ca 905-546-2424 ext 4688Cell 905-973-4005   

New website for  

Flamborough Archives and Heritage Society  

now located in Waterdown! 


  Councillor Judi Partridge  February  News letter



We have Euchre every Tuesday at 7:00 an Saturday at 1:00

Senior Euchre every Tuesday at 9:00 


  More pictures on  of  "Legion Special Events" 


 This week in  the Legion Magazine:     

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2019 First World War Centenary - Wall Calendar 

 The Poppy Store 

Contact us at: shop@legion.ca

or toll free at 1-888-301-2268.

January Legion Dispatch

 Medicpac Insurance 


 For Legion Sports Information

 contact our Sports Officer:

Barry Peer:  barrugflooring@gmail.com

Click on the  Link below for  2019 Sport Events 

Click on this link 



Volume 5 is now out and we have an  information about this program and blank submission forms are posted on our Veteran’s Board.  Please take a moment and support this very important project.  
Thanks,    Bob Thomas – Branch Service Officer
We have an  urgent  request from  Ontario Command for submissions to be part of Volume 6.   We would urge all Veterans and anyone who knows a Veteran to submit their information.  

 Regular  Legion Hours 

Monday ,  Tuesday  & Wednesday open at 4  till close

Thursday open at 1:00  till close

Friday open at 3 p.m.  till close

 Saturday open at 12:m. till close


  OSGA Newsletter 

Reminer to Register for OSGA  Swim Invitational

Memo update 


Entertainment Calendar

for upcoming events for 2018 & 2019 

 Dart Boards are available for playing

anytime there isn't a league playing!  

We also have a new snooker table 

Come out and  shoot some pool!


 Our Entertainment Events are open to everyone!  19 yr+

Everyone is welcome - you do not have  to be a

legion member to attend any of these functions!

Euchre every Tuesday at 7:00 p.m.

Euchre every Tuesday night at 7:00 and

Saturdays at 1:00 p.m.


 it is Fiddlers Jam Session hosted

every Thursday at 1:00 - 4:00 p.m. hosted 

by Drew and Kathleen Hawkyard



Headin Home every 3rd Friday of the month at 7


 Waterdown 551 Fiddlers   

 They  play every

2nd Friday night  of the month at 7:00 p.m. hosted

by Wayne Belanger.

Blue Grass Jammers every Thursday at 6:00


 Gifts for Valentine's Day from Legion Supply  




  Bid Euchre every Thursday at 9:30. 

We're lookin g for new  members so 

come  out and join us.!  

Call Nancy at 905 689-5575 for info



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