The Waterdown Legion started out in Mr. Klodt’s barbershop.


In 1953 it was located on the corner of Cedar and Hamilton

Street in a Quonset hut.


    Mr. Nigel Charlong, past president, and building chairman, explained to the “Review” that the new building which will be located on the west side of Hamilton St N, between Cedar and John Streets, will have a floor space of 20,000 sq. feet, with a sauna, band room, exercise room, plus some other facilities downstairs. The building should be completed by January 15th, 1976.  


    Official Opening of Legion Hall Saturday 

Members of the Waterdown Branch 551 met in their new club rooms to finalize the program for the official opening of their new club rooms and a memorial parade. Heads of the committees reported and little has been left undone in the way of making this a memorable occasion.  

 Legion President, Fred Gristey said, “This will be one of the most functional buildings providing a much needed facility for the local Legion as well as a community centre”. 

Their new quarters include a large attractive auditorium with a stairway leading to a mezzanine above the lunch and television room the kitchen and washrooms and was gaily decorated for the occasion.  The president, Harold Place, in conducting the ceremony stated that the Waterdown branch had been organized just 2 ½ years ago and there were only 17 members. The membership now stands at 92 and a Ladies Auxiliary has recently been organized.
Waterdown Review, September 6, 1956

 The following were elected to office:President Comrade Jean Klodt; 1st vicepresident Com. Dorothy McKay; 2nd vice president Com. Ann Ginrich; secretaryCom. Helen Attridge; treasurer Com. Marion Smuck; Arms Com. Grace Gage;  executive committee Comrades Betty Corbet, Elizabeth Johnson, Pearl Clute; social convenor Elizabeth Johnson; application committee Dorothy McKay and Ann Ginrich.  It was decided to hold their meetings on the third Monday of each month.


  Happy to see Waterdown’s cenotaph finally in place are from left to right,    Stan DeGraaf (member of the fundraising committee) George Elsegood (Legion Executive), Morley Gray (volunteer worker), Hugh Peer (chairman of the fundraising committee), John Bullee (worker), not pictured is Glen Marriette (volunteer) 

“In 1954 the Waterdown Branch of the Canadian Legion
was established, with the aid of Provincial Officers Ray
Mann, Reg Crealor and B.J. Gillespie along with the
Presidents and Secretaries of the Dundas and Burlington

        About 50 Veterans from Waterdown and district were present. A slate of Officers was drawn up, consisting of President Harold Place, Vice Horace Kendrick, Secretary J. Smuck, Treasurer Roy Klodt, Chaplain Rev. W.S. Noble, Sgt. At Arms Dave Brush, Executive Percy Morrison, Fred Sheridan, F. Dickerson, Robert Henry and Bruce Wetherall.

     A large Legion building was erected in 1955 on the East side of Hamilton Street North. The Canadian Ensign and pole weredonated by Mr. & Mrs. Holroyd of the Bee Hive Restaurant. One of their outstanding interests is with the youth of the community, especially in sports as baseball.

The Ladies Auxiliary of the Waterdown Branch of the
Canadian Legion was formed in 1956. Their activities
consist of aiding their husbands in Legion activities,
raising money for a bursary fund for the education of the
children of Veterans and visits to Wentworth Lodge.”

      Ladies Auxiliary of Legion Organized

 The election of officers for the Ladies Auxiliary of the Waterdown Legion Branch 551 took place at a recent meeting.The meeting was conducted by the provincial president Comrade Mrs. Richardson, assisted by the past provincial president Comrade Mrs. Pegg and zone commissioner Elsie Cross.


       The next time you are taking a stroll around Waterdown, take a moment to visit Sealey Park on Main Street South.  On the left side of the building, near the bank, you will find a barrel assembly for a 10.5 cm leFH model 1916 German Howitzer.  In his book, Canadian World War 1 Trophies, Professor Jonathan Vance notes that the gun is part of the collection of war trophies that the Canadian Government shipped back to Canada and then distributed to communities who had submitted a request.  Reeve Richard Smith of Waterdown applied to the government for a German gun (Waterdown Council Minutes:  29 August, 1920). 

  The gun applied for was intended to go in front of the new Memorial Hall, but that project was stalled and a new home had to be found.  The gun was shipped, (almost certainly with the carriage, wheels and shield) to Waterdown on 23 August, 1920 by the Canadian Pacific Railways.

Our thanks to Alex Comber, Military Archivist at Library and Archives Canada in Ottawa and Lyn Lunsted, Archivist – Media Collections at Flamborough Archives for providing the history related to this part of our local military history. 

For more interesting information and guide to your  community visit the  

 The Waterdown-East Flamborough

Heritage Society & Archives
163 Dundas Street E., Waterdown, Ontario

   The Flamborough Heritage Society are located at our Waterdown Library.  They have the following very interesting books for sale: 

A look at Hamilton and Wentworth County, Ontario, Canada through post cards:
Hey, it’s “Made in Canada”   $35                                   
This is a beautiful City  $35 
And they came to East Flamborough  $20.                        
Carlisle Beginnings $15
Connecting the dots  $25            
 Dundas Street, Waterdown: 1793-1993  $10.                                   From West Flamborough’s storied past  $15.
Into The Cauldron  $15                                                          
Millgrove through the years  $5                      
The Extraordinary History of Flamborough  25.
The Mills of Waterdown     $30                              
The Mountsberg Heritage   $20             

They also have merchandise, CD’s and booklets covering a range of records, including; marriage, local church, obituary notices, wills, listings, etc., all at very reasonable prices.

 The Waterdown Museum of History

 Waterdown District High School
215 Parkside Drive, Waterdown
Location:  WDHS East Parking Lot
2nd Floor, Room 2043
The Museum is open November 9 – 23rd
10:00 a.m. to 2:00  p.m.

The Students do an exceptional and creative job of representing our military history.   It is well worth the visit and helps to recognize the faculty and students for their remarkable work.

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