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  Brighton Horseshow Tournament held August 12, 2017  

Norman Henry Jr,  Norman Henry Sr ,   Larry Farewell & John Valks 

 Winners of Regular & Senior Doubles

 Ist Seniors Doubles
 Larry Vale & John Valks  Brighton 

 Mens Seniors Single
 2nd  Rolland Dual 
 Br 472  Hawksbury
 1st Andy Kutsch Br.  530 Waterloo 

 Ladies Single
 2nd Pansy Millar Br. 116  Strathroy
t Theresa Urterwyk Br.197    Acton

 Norman Henry Jr.
Norman Henry Sr
Winners of the Doubles

2nd Doubles

 1st Andy Kutsch Br. 530 Waterloo
2nd Bob Berg Br. 530 Waterloo

Sports Converner & Sports Officer





Beachville Horseshoe Results held on June 10

1st Place Ladies Singles:
Teresa UiterwykBr 197 Acton
1st Place Regular Singles:
Reg Cook   Br 4 Welland
2nd Place Regular Singles:
Amy Newman   Br 197 Acton 
1st Place Seniors Singles:  
Jim Hawkins  Br 551  Waterdown
2nd Place Seniors Singles:
Frank Jarmuth Br 551  Waterdown
1st Place Regular Doubles :  
Chris Webb & Greg Webb - Br 4 Welland
2nd Place Regular Doubles:
Amy Mowat & Steven Hastings -  Br 197 Acton
3rd Place Regular Doubles:  Brian &
Shannon Richard -  Br 197 Acton
1st Place Senior Doubles:  Tony
Vanzantvoort& Frank Jarmuth -  Br 551 Waterdown
2nd Place Senior Doubles:  Clarence
& Sheila Giperson -  Br 582 Cooksville 

November 2016 

    We have 4 of 8 singles moving on to District.  Sean Lodge,  Ron Larkin,( top 4) Barry Peer 2nd and Matt Campbell who won .

     1 of 4 Doubles moving are on Patty Petrauskas and Sean Lodge who came in second.
     Both of our 4 man teams are moving on.  Sean Lodge, Terry Mann,  Ruth Larkin and Patty Petrauskas are one.  The Team of Matt          Campbell, Ron Larkin, Tom Roach and Barry Peer placing first and bringing back the tournament to Waterdown legion for next year.

 per Barry Peer, Sports Officer

 Provincial Horseshoe Tournament held in Hawkesbury, August 29, 2016 

 1st Place Doubles Regular Norm Henry Sr & Norm Henry Jr. Br. 100, Brighton

1st Place Doubles Regular
Norm Henry Sr & Norm Henry Jr.
Br. 100, Brighton

1St Place Singles Regular

Louie Prudhonme

Br. 472 Hawkesbury 

Frank Jarmuth - 2nd - in his Division of Singles

Frank Jarmuth & Tony Vanzantvoort - 3rd - Seniors Doubles   



 Cake served after the Spaghetti dinner 

 From our Branch:

 Frank Jarmuth - 2nd - in his Division of Singles

Frank Jarmuth & Tony Vanzantvoort - 3rd - Seniors Doubles


1st Place Seniors Singles - Br. 530 Waterloo - Andy Kutsch 

1st Place Seniors  Doubles Br. 100 Brighton - Larry Farewell & John Valks

1st Place Singles Regulars - Br. 472 Hawkesbury - Larry Prudhomme 

1st Place Doubles Regular - Norm Henry Sr & Norm Henry Jr. - Br. 100 Brighton

Ladies Singles Br. 314 Manotick- Shawna Hawkins  

Ontario Senior Games Association,

OSGA 55 plus results held at Midland
August 14, 2016

All results


District Horseshoes held in Branch 612 Beamsville June 25, 2016

 Jim Hawkins

Senior Singles


  Frank Jarmuth


  Tony Vanzanvoort &
Frank Jarmuth

Seniors Doubles  

  John Vanderwal & Steve Ross 

2nd in their division  


August Provincial Horseshoe Tournament Results held in Hespeler

1st place - Seniors Singles - Jim Hawkins -  Waterdown

Singles Regular - won by Hespeler 

Seniors Double - won by Hespeler

Horseshoe Tournament in Brampton, July 19, 2015

Left to right
Brian Richards  (Acton) 2nd place,
Garry Spears, (Waterdown) 1st place
Theresa Uiteruryk (Acton) 2nd place
Frank Jarmuth (Waterdown) - 1st place)

3rd Place Amy Newman & Dave Windsor


 Ken Condie, Dave Windsor, Amy Newman and  Richard Adams


 Pat Hanigan & Roy Hanigan (Waterdown)  


  Tony Vanzantvoort & Sheila Latner (Waterdown) 






Horseshoe Tournament in Brampton, June 27, 2015

As it was rained out, it will continue on a future date (which is not yet available)

Group picture of all the Horseshoe participants. 

 Senior participants.  Jim Hawkins (Winner) on the left.


It was a great day at the branch on Feb 28th hosting the Zone euchre tournament.

We have 3 teams from Br 551 going on to District in Milton on April 18th.. The team of Gail O'Brien, Donna Green , Wayne Green and Ed Powell came in 2nd. The other 2 two teams Wayne McCann, Willie Cruden, Andy Gallant & Gerry Robinson as well as Paul McCarthy, George Mills, Shawn Cripps & Donna Young followed as well in the top eight.  None of this event could come together without the help of Frank Jarmuth, Shawn Cripps, Scott Filman, Larry Latner & Peter Sullivan helping me set up the room. As well, thanks to Bob Thomas for stepping in as my assistant sports officer. Thanks to Sheila Latner for working the bar. The kitchen was amazing. Thanks to Carol & Louie Andree, Laura Filman, Mary Jo & Peter Sullivan, Gail O'Brien, Wanda Chevrier, Sandy Griffin, Sharon Jarmuth & Dale Hicks Spears for all their work in the kitchen .

The next event we host is Sat March 14th. It is mixed team darts ! We look forward to another great day. 

Thanks everyone,
Garry Spears
Zone B6 Sports Officer
Br 551 Sports Officer 
( while Comrade Jim is in the sunny south )

Congratulations to Wayne McCann, Willie Cruiden, Gerry Robinson, Jim Zimmerman, Paul McCarthy, George Mills, Shawn Cripps and Frank Jarmuth, winners at our zone cribbage tournament, moving on to District on Feb 14th. Good luck to all. Please if you haven't signed up for Zone Euchre please do so at the branch by Feb 14th, sign up sheets are at the branch on our sports board. Our branch 551 is hosting the tournament. Keep your eye on the board for up and coming sports events. Please contact Garry Spears at 905-689-4401 should you have any questions.

Have fun everyone ! sincerely,  Garry Spears   


 Horseshoe Tournament at Beachville Br 495, June 21, 2014 

 Doubles:  First:  Amy and Mark from Acton, Br 197.

Second:  Frank and Gary from Waterdown, Br 551.

Third:  John and Darryl from Erin, Br 442.
Singles:  First:  John from Erin, Br 442.

Second:  Frank Jarmuth from Waterdown, Br 551.

 Third:  Amy Woodward, from Acton, Br 197.
                        Seniors Single: First:   Jim Hawkins Br 551.                      
Second:  Tony Vanzantvoort
Seniors District 1st  Doubles:
Walter Stevens (Zone Sports Officer of B7)  & Parker MacDonald of Br. 582 Cooksville 



Dart Tournament Results For Provincial and Zone Darts


1st . Place Ron & Ruth Larkin, Sean Lodge , Patty Petrauska

         5th. place ; Matt Campbell , Dale Hicks, Dave Walker, Char Bdlock
                                                 Doubles: 1 st. Place - Sean Lodge & Ruth Larkin

2nd. Place- Ron Larkin & Patty Petrauska

 Wentworth District  55+ Game Dart Thursday May 8

Sharyn Wilson and Yvonne Liebhart won Gold
Jim Chesterfield and Brian Cruden won Silver.
Sharon Chesterfield and Sharon Jarmuth won Bronze.
The Waterdown Legion hosted the darts Tournament

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