Santa Claus Parade November 30, 2019 




  PAC entered in the Santa Claus Parade by Drew Hawkyard, Garth Wetherall and manned by various legion members!

I was talking to several people around town today that where watching the

parade,,,, word came along the parade route that the "Tanks are
Everyone was waiting in anticipation.
They are not tanks, but CDN Forces - APC - M113 (Armoured
Personnel Carriers)
Thats OK, they won't know the difference.
Even in the video you can hear them saying,,,,,,,, tanks, tanks,
the tanks are coming.
People where giving the thumbs up, pumping their fists in pleasure
and the kids had a smile from ear to ear.
This was something that was totally different and people could not
believe their eyes.
At the end of the parade, we let anyone take a seat inside that
wanted too. The best part is when they learned that CDN Forces soldiers sat in
these seats during Afghanistan conflict.
Alan Bot and his APC's surely put the Waterdown Legion on the map!
I don't think anyone will ever forget seeing the Santa Parade
of 2019!!!!!
Thank you Sheila, thank you Drew,
Bob Thomas and everyone for making this happen.
Garth Wetherall



 Remembrance Day Service November11, 2019 


 Courtesy of Pat McCarthy




  Honour and Awards 2019


William Boyle,20 year pin.      Bob Thomas, Life Membership,   Nancy Smrekar for Clifford Douglas, 55 years, Henry Martell (below) 50 year pin





 RED Friday, June 7, 2019




 December 10, 2018 


 On 10 Dec. The Waterdown Legion Branch 551

presented a cheque in the amount of $800 to the

Waterdown District High School “Remembering

Heroes' Program.”

Left to right
Zack Leonard; Ben Riopelle; Meagan Kervanka; Bob Thomas,
Branch 551 Veteran’s 
Officer; Tyler Lennox; Gillian Beech; Victoria Stark and
Adam Blackburn 

 Remembrance Day 2018

                Remembrance Day Ceremonies




Courtesy of Pat McCarthy 




  WW II Veteran Comrade Terry O’Brien presents to President Sheila Latner  Waterdown, Ontario Branch, a collection of badges covering the infantry units that were part of the 14th British Army in Burma.   They will proudly be displayed in our branch.


Prior to our 11 November Remembrance Service Waterdown,   Left to right; President Sheila Latner, Branch Service Officer Bob Thomas, Pastor Brian Willison from Grindstone Church, Dave Lester, Hamilton Parks Dept, Christopher Redford, Hamilton Hertitage Dept. and Councillor Judi Partridge, City of Hamilton Ward 15.  


1 st. Photo: Left to Right -

Cathy Galus, Executive and Poppy Chairman and Bob Thomas 1st Vice, Service Officer presenting a cheque of $3000.00 from Poppy Fund Waterdown Legion Branch 551 to Capt. Howard Scrimgeour, CD and Cpt. Sandie Vermeulen CD from 62 RHLI  Army Cadet Corps.

2nd PhotoLeft to Right:  Wanda Chevrier (Waterdown Scouts receiving cheque of $2000.00  from Bob Thomas, 1st Vice, Service Officer, and Cathy Galus , Executive and Poppy Chairman on behalf of the Waterdown Legion Branch 551.


 3rd photo: 

Left to Right  -Ken Fowler – 735 Firebird Squadron RCA Force Cadets being presented a cheque $3000.00 from the Waterdown Legion Branch 551 –  by Cathy Galus, Executive and Poppy Chairman and Bob Thomas 1st Vice, Service Officer



 Halloween Party October 27    With Ronnie & the Corvairs 

Lots of great costumes and so much fun!!! 




    The Fiddlers Jam Session Halloween Party October 25, 2018               




       Honour and Awards and Ladies Auxilliary 62 Birthday, October 20, 2018      

 The city's Heritage Presentation Co-ordinator Christopher Redford receives
recognition from Waterdown Legion President Sheila Latner and
Ward 15 Councillor Judi Partridge for his work designing the
Vimy Ridge oak tree commemorative plaque that will be unveiled Nov. 11th.
                 Evert MaCullum - 45 yr. pin

                Jim Chesterfield - 20 yr. pin        

                  Inez Laking- 40 yr. pin 

                  Cathy Galus, Exc.


   September 10, 2018


  On September 10, the North West Riders donated $250 to the plaque for the Vimy Oak Tree.

Their work and dedication is greatly appreciated by the legion and the surrounding community. 

 Left to Right:  Wendy Wendy Ellis, Treasurer, Keven Ellis -  Prez ,  Phil Scheiding, Member,  Vicky Ellis,Secretary  Roy Ellis ,VP  

 September 6, 2018 

    On September 6, Iva and Howard retired from hosting the Fiddlers Jam Session after 13 wonderful years. They were presented with gifts, a visa card, cake and flowers in appreciation of all their hard work and dedication to the legion.  Drew and Kathleen Hawkyard will be continuing on in their footsteps hosting this event every Thursday afternoon at 1:00.   Everyone had a great afternoon.                                                                                                                                                                     




        RED Friday Event on                  June 8, 2018                           


Troy Ganci from Sobey's and   Wade Dove from Fortinos  receiving Friendship Plaque                 


 North Wall Assosciation  &  John Hunter of King Paving receiving Friendship award.


 Daniel Oros  Receiving Appreciation Award

Hello:    My name is Laura Oros and I live in Waterdown. I just want to say a little thank you for something.   My young son Daniel bought flowers for the 2017 Remembrance Day Service and as everyone was laying a wreath he walked out of the group and chose to lay a bouquet at the little sapling for those who were at Vimy. He was amazed at the sapling and wanted to pay respect to the memory.    Every day we drive by and notice they have weathered the cold winter and are still there. He says it is symbolic of how those who served never gave up and battled through bloody fighting for us. So I wanted to say thank you for leaving them there, you may not have even noticed but we have seen them and feel  gratutude daily.  You made a boy very happy.    Kindest regards, Laura Orus.       






The 4th Canadian  Mounted Rifle Association                 

Our First Royal Canadian Legion Red (Remember Everyone Deployed) Friday
June 10, 2018. Branch 551 has been a sponsor of Red Friday with the 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles Association (4CMRA) for over a year at the time of writing.
And we have done some amazing things together! Based on our common goals and objectives:
1. Supporting Veterans and First Responders,
2. Supporting Cadets,
3. Teaching the public about the First Responder family
The 4 CMRA brings the national focus while branch 551 brings a local venue where we can stage events and where First Responders can meet and enjoy the same comradery that the legions are famous for with their veterans.
One of the main drivers, and visionaries, at branch 551 is Robert Thomas, veteran and friend of the 4 CMRA, Bravo Zulu Robert.
We are looking to a bright future for Red Friday and adding more First ponders and legion branches to the Red Friday Family!





  #62 Royal Canadian Hamilton Light Infantry Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corp along with

Scott Fillman  doing volunteer planting of the Legion Cenotaph on June 2,2018 and making it look great! 


  The Finished Project - Sept. 11, 2018



   The Medals and Certificates were presented

to the students who participated



at the  Grace Christian School 


    Horticulturist Arie Vanspronsen and Waterdown Legion Veteran officer Bob Thomas with their Vimy tree, planted at the branch. - Barry Gray,The Hamilton Spectator.

A two-metre sapling that is a direct descendant of the English oaks at Vimy Ridge is the only tree in Hamilton to receive heritage designation.  
While planted on the grounds of the Waterdown Legion
only in June, the Vimy Memorial Oak Tree is significant
because of its lineage.  The fenced-in sapling is one of approximately 100 oaks sent across the country to commemorate the more than 10,000 Canadian
casualties in the Battle of Vimy Ridge.  "We're just so tickled pink to have it," said Bob Thomas, third vice-president and veteran s' officer at the Legion.  "Hopefully it will be a memorial for many years to come for all those who fought in our area in World War I."   The story of the trees stems from acorns collected by Canadian soldier Leslie Miller, who survived the First World War victory won by Canadian troops April 9 to 12,  1917.   After picking up the acorns scattered around  an oak tree destroyed by shelling, Miller who died in 1979 — sent them home.where they grew into a forest  Chinese Baptist Church.
Conveniently, the Legion was planning an event in June to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Vimy Ridge.    They were able, with the help of the horticultural society to get the sapling in time for the event at which the tree was planted just east of the Legion's sign.
For the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge,  efforts were made to grow offspring trees by grafting hundreds of branches from the tips of the trees to sapling  of English oaks from British Columbia.
  Thomas reached out to the Vimy Oaks Legacy Corporation, where he had to apply for a tree, and received his approval within 24 hours.   Conveniently, the Legion was planning an event in June to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Vimy Ridge.  They were able, with the help of the horticultural society, to get the sapling in time for the event at which the tree was planted just east of the Legion's sign.For the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge, efforts were made to grow offspring trees by grafting hundreds of branches from the tips of the trees to saplings of English oaks from British Columbia. The work was done at Connon Nurseries NVK in West Flamborough in 2015.     The work was done at Connon Nurseries NVK in West Flamborough in 2015. 

 The Flamborough Heritage Society are located at our Waterdown Library.  They have the following very interesting books for sale:

A Look at Hamilton and Wentworth County,   ON Canada through post cards:  Hey, it’s “Made in   Canada”   $35   , Hey It's a beautiful City  $35  And   They came to East Flamborough  $20.   Carlisle Beginnings $15,   Connecting the Dots  $25       Dundas Street, Waterdown: 1793-1993  $10.  From West Flamborough’s storied past  $15.    Into The   Cauldron  $15, Millgrove through the years  $5,   The Extraordinary History of Flamborough  $25, The   Mills of Waterdown  $30, The Mountsberg Heritage   $20           

    The Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers was presented to Bob Thomas at the Canadian Forces Military Police Academy at the Graduation Parade on December 13, 2017.  The medal, which recognizes exceptional volunteer achievements, was presented by Canadian Forces Provost Marshal, Brigadier-General Rob Delaney, OMM, CD,  and Chief Warrant Officer Crystal Krammer, MMM, CD.

 Read the full story 




   New Year's Eve Party 2017




 Halloween Dance October 28, 2017









   The 551 Waterdown Fiddlers Halloween Party  October 26, 2017









    Honour and Awards 2017









   Our Annual Corn Roast & BBQ held August 12, 2017 





Donna Green would like to thank all the volunteers who helped make our Annual BBQ & Corn Roast a success by  donating their time, efforts and products.  To everyone a very big “Thank You”. 

10th Anniversary of the  Waterdown 551 Fiddlers

 held July 20, 2017 



 100 Anniversary of Vimy Ridge Celebration

Held at the Legion June 16, 2017 



  A special thanks to all members of our Branch who volunteered to help at our event to mark the 100th Anniversary of Vimy Ridge.  The groups that articipated had an enjoyable afternoon and evening and many members of our community have a better understanding of our WW I Military History.We  also planted a Vimy Oak Tree.

 The following is a brief history covering the heritage of these trees.  The Battle of Vimy Ridge in northern France, 9    April 1917, is considered to be one of  the defining events in the history of our nation.  Where Allied troops had struggled and failed, the Canadians overcame great odds and eventually captured the Ridge at a cost of some 10,600 casualties.  After the battle, Lieutenant Leslie Miller   of Scarborough, Ontario gathered up a handful of acorns from a  partially buried English oak on the Ridge.  He sent the acorns home to is family with instructions to plant them.

In 1919 Lieutenant Miller returned, was given a 25 acre section of his father’s Scarborough  farm and transplanted the oaks along the borders of his woodlot.  He named his farm “The Vimy Oaks”. Today, a number of these majestic oaks are thriving in the same but smaller woodlot under the close care of Scarborough Chinese Baptist Church that    purchased the farm property in 2002.  In January 2014, a group of volunteers, the “Vimy Oaks Legacy Corporation”, decided to repatriate offspring of these descendant oaks back to Vimy Ridge, whose oak trees had all been destroyed in the First World War.  These Vimy Oak saplings    will be planted in the Vimy Foundation Centennial Park, adjacent to the Canadian National Vimy Memorial site, as part of centennial  commemorations in France in 2017 and 2018.

The Vimy Oaks Legacy Corporation made some of these saplings available for sale to qualifying organizations to honour the soldiers who fought at Vimy Ridge and other battles during the First World War and we are proud to have one.

Thanks again to all who made this a very special and meaningful event.  Branch Executive

Winners of the Literary and Poster Contests 2017

held May 17th and hosted by Laura Filman (Youth Ed Chairman and Bob Thomas 3rd Vice, Service Officer) 




Branch Honour & Awards & Ladies Auxiliary 60th Birthday Celebration Oct. 29, 2016


Our Veterans 2016

Danny Vaughan 45 years 

 James Attridge - 45 year pin













  John Kaspar- 45 yrs 


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